"i Iliad"

Translation:ι Ιλιάδα

October 13, 2016

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Pop down has εγώ for i then DL marks it wrong


It should accept η Ιλιάδα.


I agree. It said η was i in another exercise.


So when I press the 'i' it said "εγώ". If I get "incorrect answer" for it, that's just messed up! You need some quality control in here!


Why does the ' δ' in iliad sound land 's' ? I thought it was a delta 'th' sound.


It is sorta. It is actually a softer 'th'.


I have downloaded the Greek keyboard & language pack; however, I still do not know how to add the diacritical marks, (superscripts). Does anyone know about this? DL is grading me on something I feel powerless to produce. Kindly advise; help!


If you're on a computer (PC/Mac), try the key next to the L key, where the semicolon and colon are on a US PC keyboard.

Nothing happens, but if you then type a vowel letter next, you will get the accented vowel ά έ ή ί ό ύ ώ.

And to get the diaeresis (two dots), use Shift + that key, then the vowel letter: ϊ ϋ

For the (rare) combination of the two, try Shift+W, then the vowel: ΐ ΰ.

(Just W should give you a final sigma "ς", and just Q a Greek question mark ";")


Just tap and hold the letter on the keyboard


I dont know how to type in greek and im doing this on a phone can some one please help me


Efcharisto. It had me wondering much the same.

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