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Greek quiz

"Successful completion of the Duolingo Greek exam with a score of: 0.38/5.00"

Oops! At least it wasn't 0.1/5.00 though..... and about half of the quiz was asking me things that haven't come up in the lessons yet..... so I made a lot of it up.... :D

What I would like to see, is like with the lessons, where it shows your answer and underneath is the correct answer, so you can see where you went wrong or how close you were. But at the end of the quiz, like a corrected paper.

October 13, 2016



It will be best if you complete 75% of your tree and then take the progress test.

As for the answers, no, Duolingo will not implement the answers part. The Progress quiz is a tool for testing and not for practise like all the other activities on Duolingo. It helps to measure your learning progress and develop and understanding of how much you have progressed.
If the answers were given out, one would subconsciously memorise the answers to the test and the test would be of no value once the answers are memorised and there is nothing new to learn and test.


Thank you both for answering - I was just really laughing at myself and thought others would laugh with me. I have only been learning Greek for 4 weeks :D I thought I'd just see how it went. I might do it again in a few more weeks and hope to get over 1.00/5.00. If I can see myself gaining a higher percentage each time, I'll be happy :)


I wouldn't be disheartened - it's early days yet! I like to take the quiz each week to check my progress, but it's just important to get the result in perspective and not expect high numbers before you complete the tree. I do wish there was a way to see how close your answers were, but I don't think it's available on any Duolingo course yet (unfortunately).


Thank you Merry_Perry - I am not disheartened at all, after all my score is better than if I hadn't tried at all! Better than people who never even tried to learn Greek! :D

I hadn't realised that it tested you on the whole course, I had thought that it would test you on what you had covered so far. That would be a good feature to see.

But now that I know that, it still means that I should be able to do like you (but not every week for me :D ) and be encouraged to see the result get better each time :)


It is better to try passing this quiz after completing the tree.

And the feature you're asking for has been asked before a lot of times and there's still no reaction by Duo's staff.

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