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Unlock Skills??

I would like to assign specific skills and I thought that, if I assigned an advanced skill to my German 3 class, that it would "unlock" that skill for them to practice. But it doesn't and they must work their way (progress) through MANY lessons just to get to that skill. Is there any way to "unlock" a specific skill without doing all the others in succession?

October 13, 2016



No, with Duolingo you have to advance through the skills sequentially to unlock the next layer of skills.


I would also like to be able to unlock certain skills as a teacher since I do not teach my vocabulary in the same sequence as Duolingo does. This would allow the students to practice vocabulary that we are going over in class.


I would like to assign specific skills to my classroom too. I thought the same-that if I assigned a skill; it would be open to everyone but it wasn't. I would like Duolingo to be able to follow with my lessons.


I didn't realize this was the case until during class today, since it let me assign a more advanced skill. The students spent the entire class getting through the first lessons and didn't even get near the topic I wanted them to cover.

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