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Individual assignments for students rather than whole class assignments (Can it be done?)

Anyone know if it is possible to assign a lesson to certain students in a class rather than assigning the lesson to everyone in the class? Individualized instruction is what I'm after.

October 13, 2016



It doesn't seem to be, no. You'd have to set that work outside of the Duolingo for Schools system.


I figured out I can assign a specific assignment to one student and not the entire class but, you have to create a new class with just that student in it. That's not what any teacher wants to do. If you only have one struggling student that would be fine but when you have 7-8 in a class, that's going to be a lot of extra work and set up. Doable? Yes. Efficient? No.


I think you're right - clearly we need to be able to set assignments for individual students.

In the mean time, though, would it work to set up ability groups?


Yes. I agree. I thought of ability groups late last night while still contemplating this issue. Thank you for your thoughts and help!


I was thinking about that today. Some students want to rush and cover all the activities right away. One option is to create an additional class called "Honor Spanish" and invite those OCD kids to perform additional activities.

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