"The man steps out through the door and looks back to the young woman."

Translation:A férfi kilép az ajtón és visszanéz a fiatal nőre.

October 13, 2016

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Why "step out THROUGH the door"? I didn't know whether I should use kilép or átlép. wouldn't "steps out the door" be a better translation?


Kiátlép? :D
It doesn't make a difference in English whether you step out the door or step out through the door. But since it's defined that you're moving out, you'll have to use ki as verbal prefix. The 'through' is then covered by using the -on suffix. If you say "átlép az ajtón", you only put a focus on traversing the door: "he steps through the door".


I think the "through" comes out in the suffix in "ajtón"?

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