"The dinner is pork"

Translation:Το δείπνο είναι κρέας χοιρινό

October 13, 2016

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Literally, "the dinner is pork meat". Is there any particular significance to "meat" here? Sometimes being too specific can be troublesome. For example, "pork meat" as opposed to "pork [what?]", - or "pork meat", that's it, we have nothing else. But I assume that if this sentence is used in Greece as presented, there must be something cultural that, as an American, I am missing. And if not used, then wouldn't it be better to leave "κρέας" out?


You are correct in your assumption. It is usual to say: "κρέας χοιρινό" although it would not ve incorrect to use just "χοιρινό".


Some other exercises say "κρέας βοδινό" is incorrect, so does this only apply to pork?.


Βοδινό κρέας

Βοδινές μπριζόλες με κόκκαλο

Ποιο κρέας έχει λιγότερο λίπος και είναι καλύτερο για δίαιτα;


Χοιρινό μπούτι χωρίς κόκκαλο

Χοιρινή μπριζόλα με κόκκαλο


I almost said ο δείπνος instead of το δείπνο. I'm sure there must be a difference but I just don't see it


"Δείπνος" is only used in "Ο Μυστικός Δείπνος" (=The Last Supper).

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