October 13, 2016

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I can't do Greek...


Don't give up, give it another try =)


How do i get to the greek language on my key bord


Please read the Tips and notes that are available on the website, just scroll under the lessons. You can also find information on how to add a Greek keyboard here and here. Basically, you need to activate the Greek keyboard by accessing your computer or mobile device language input settings.


I also would like to know


I hate it when they ask you how to say something before they teach you how to say it!


Nothing without a greek keyboard...geez!!


I dont know how to get greek keyboard up


To change keyboards, as you are tapping the space bar on your keyboard, swipe to the side. It is a toggle to change from one language keyboard to another. At least it works for me. I have an Android phone. This is after I added Greek (2 dialects of it) in my settings. I did both dialects because I wasn't sure which was the right one.


Why is the second 'υ' different from the first in this word and where do I find it on the keyboard?


The second υ is accented (ύ). This means that you have to stress/raise your voice in the particular vowel (in that case it's ού). In order to write an accented letter, first press the (;) key next to the L and then the vowel.


The second υ is accented. When vowel combinations are accented the mark goes on the second vowel. To type an accented vowel, first hit the key next to L and then the vowel.

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