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"In Cardiff"

Translation:Yng Nghaerdydd

October 13, 2016



Why is "Yng Caerdydd" wrong? In any case, "Nghaerdydd" is not included in the word hints. Ah - I've a feeling the C mutates after "yng" - is that right?

[deactivated user]

    I can see that "yn caerdydd" isn't what they wanted, but is it actually wrong?


    As explained in the reply above...

    • yng Nghaerdydd

    It will also be explained in one of the 'Hints and Tips'.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks, ibisc, but what I meant was that all I had to go on was just the 2 words "In Cardiff". I don't see anything there that will tell me which version will be needed. Normally I would take it from the context but there was no context in that particular question. I think I should have been allowed to get away with it.


      'In Cardiff' will always be Yng Nghaerdydd - there is no other way of putting it.

      I have just added the whole phrase 'yng Nghaerdydd' to the pop-up hints, and I will hunt out which 'Hints and Tips' have the full explanation.

      Edit - I have just added an explanation of yn (meaning 'in'), the nasal mutation and the related changes to yn (-> ym, yng), to the notes for 'Countries'.

      [deactivated user]

        Thanks very much, ibisc. You're a trooper. To answer my original question then, "in Cardiff" will never be Yn Caerdydd, but "Yng Nghaerdydd" every time. Am I right? Thank you for being there to help when we get stuck: You're great.


        That's good - thanks. You are always so helpful and attentive - and prompt! That really makes students want to keep on learning.

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