"A bank nem ebben az épületben van, hanem abban."

Translation:The bank is not in this building, but in that one.

October 13, 2016

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In this sentence why does "ebben" translate to "in this" but "abban" translate to "in that one".


The ez in the first clause is attached to the épület:

ez az épület - "this building"
ebben az épületben - "in this building"

Versus the az in the second half, which is not attached to a noun:

az - "that" or "that one" or "that thing"
abban - "in that" or "in that one"


Thanks very much for your help, maybe your explanation could be included in 'Tips and Notes' as I'm sure I won't be the last person to ask this question.


You could technically see both as "in this one" and "in that one", so "in this one building", which is correct grammar. But "one" is usually removed in English if you attach a noun, unless you really want to put emphasis that it is just one.

"I live in this building" and "The whole city lives in this one building".


The Hungarian sentence is logic for me, but the English one not. I understand from it: The BANK is not in this building, but THAT ONE (is in the building) and I would have translated that into Hungarian, if the English sentence had been first.


The English is OK. Your understanding of the English is not correct. In the English sentence here, that one = in that one.


Thank you! I would have understood it immediately with the word IN, in the English sentence.


Not repeating the "in" is prety normal


In my experience, Hungarian grammar seems very logical, and when I have understood how it works, and recognise the words, it's easy to understand how everything works together.


Why is the "ben" repeated twice in "ebben az épületben" as opposed to "ez az épületben"?


It is part of the Hungarian grammar. You attach the postposition or suffix to both the noun and the demonstrative pronoun.


It's pretty normal for a language with grammatical case to have all declinable words in a sentence "agree", it helps avoid confusion.


Tips and notes? Where do i find those?


They are on the page that shows all the lessons for any given exercise. They are underneath the lessons, just scroll down.


By saying scroll down the page, I asdume you mean on the computer. I can't scroll down on my mobile.


By scroll down, do you mean on the computer? I do this on my mobile and I don't have that option.


If you access duolingo through a web browser on your mobile instead of through the app it should come up

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