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  5. "L'ours noir mange une pomme."

"L'ours noir mange une pomme."

Translation:The black bear is eating an apple.

February 8, 2013



Why is everything eating apples?


Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away? :P


Omg thanks for the laugh


I did some quick research and interestingly enough, Ursus americanus does eat apples: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_black_bear#Livestock_and_crop_predation

Aside from being fun trivia, at least we will never forget that an apple = une pomme. :D


A Japanese tourist in Kamchatka, Russia, met a bear in the forest and tried feeding it, probably with an apple. I think he had seen too many cartoons about pandas or something. The bear ate the stuff together with his hand, then his arm, and then the rest of the Japanese tourist. It is a real story.


Exactly my thoughts, would be great to learn something else besides eating and apples.


They're all that's left Dig there's a recession. Over here we're not eating them. We drink'em. Shgreat! We dont care any more.


It's a vegan bear, so.


More importantly from the previous lesson on food, why is everyone eating butter


This is one of the funniest post I've read since I started Duolingo 25 days ago :-D


We'll never know, sweetheart.


Apples are red. Red is magic.

Don't question me


coughs Or Green.... or Yellow....


Because that's the only food on duolingo


It's French, everyone and everything should eat apples


Hmmmm. Even EVE?


No one knows if Eve actually ate apples except God and Adam. No one was alive during creation except those two. Eve could have eaten a pomegranate.


The pomegranate story is a fiction. Attendre ! TOUT est une fiction !


Ikr? How about them apples! :P


Do we pronounce the 's' of "l'ours"?


Yup, it is one of the exceptions for which you should pronounce the "s."


Here's a helpful source which lists some other exceptions: http://www.fluentfrenchnow.com/how-to-pronounce-plus-in-spoken-french/

And I find Forvo to be helpful resource too for checking pronunciation: http://www.forvo.com/search-fr/ours/


I see what you did there


Google Translate says yes, but I'd like a human's opinion too.


seriously mate, don't trust google translate


i have got the same question, is this s for the bear only


What is the plural form of bear?


And the singular is also ours?


Yes. The right translation to the phrase "L'ours noir mange une pomme." is "The black bear is eating an apple." because if they were bears (in plural) it would have been "Les ours noirs mangent une pomme."


Merci beaucoup! Is there a masculine/feminine version for that?


Ourse and ourses; luckily for what I've seen most words in french can be turned to their feminine versions by adding an e (and another letter when necesary); for example: petit/petite, bon/bonne, chat/chatte.


yooo,...apples are the staple diet of Duolingoz! followed by Oranges!! don't we have bananas and peaches on the menu?


Is this a "black bear", as in the species, or just a bear that happens to be black?


Take it for granted it is the species saschambaer; there are just the two whose common name is by colour: Black and Brown, which is also called the European and in North America, the Grizzly. All others have non-colour names. However, it doesn't matter. Could be Barbie was feeding an apple to Ken's cuddly toy. Learning French is the issue here. Many Duo translations to English seem suspect but the focus is the correct translation, not the sentence making any sense nor the robustness of "statements" made. "The green cow is wearing red boots" is an exercise in words construction of a sentence and grammar, not sense. I admit, however, that if Duo's lessons always made sense immediately and recognizably in translation then there would be far, far, far, far, far, less Clutter. Just in case.... if you are chased by a Brown(Grizzly) bear, climb a tree. They cannot climb trees. (Although they can knock small ones over). If you are chased by a Black bear DONT climb a tree because they can.... with the ease and dexterity of a monkey! Having experienced those scenarios, make a resolution that next year you go to Disneyland Paris and try out your French! :)


I wrote "L'ours noire mange une pomme" and it's correct. Isn't "ours" masculine (vs feminine "ourse") and "noire" feminine (vs masculine "noir")?


It takes as a typo error


my answer should be correct because it means the same thing, the black bear eats an apple should be accepted


I agree Beyoncé. Indeed if the French wish to highlight that there is "Continual Present" in the sentence they would use the "En train de" tool which word-for-word means "In the process of". They don't have a "Natural" distinction between "Eats" and "Is eating". Report it.


i cant hear the difference between leurs and l'ours!


In that case it would have translated as: "their black eats an apple" which may have led you to the conclusion that it is not leurs:)


The sound of 'the bear' threw me off. I heard loose palm


I though that the bear was eating a man :) Stupid hearing!


I thought bears were carnivores not vegetarians?


Only Polar Bears are carnivores. (Not much vegetation around the North Pole) All other bears are omnivores but rarely eat meat. In season they'll eat fish. Most of their waking year they are preferably vegetarians excepting those who have learnt that life is far easier near human habitation, living off human foods and waste food. These become just as unhealthy as the humans they scrounge and scavenge from.


Jesus Cristo todos comen manzanas


An apple a day does not keep the doctor away XD. Go look it up,but anyway that was a ❤❤❤❤ call though


Why is "the black bear eats an apple" marked incorrect?

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