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do you think i should start somewhere else and than learn Hungarian using duolingo or vice-versa?

October 13, 2016



I would say that if you really want to learn Hungarian, you should start with Duolingo first, as Duolingo can teach you basics, and quite a few sentences. After Duolingo, I'd go to Memrize, and after a bit of Memrize learning, I'd go on to a more Intermediate Hungarian learning website. I wish you luck with your Hungarian learning if you decide to go through with it. ;-)


Personally I would recommend learning Hungarian pronunciation first. Just listen to songs with subtitles for a while and try to connect the sounds that you're hearing to the words that you see. You don't have to learn any vocab at that point but it will help, trust me.


Well Hungarian is awesome so I would start hungarian :)


Not in my opinion. If you manage to stay motivated throughout this course, it will give you some basic understanding of how the language works and after that you can more easily continue to learn somewhere else.


My opinion is that you should start somewhere else, because this particular course is too irritating even for people who have some experience in Hungarian. Try to get a good coursebook or grammar book, and some simple texts. You can return here anytime if you want some equilibristics which does not have much in common with actual learning.

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