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  5. "Ceri Lingo yw fy chwaer i."

"Ceri Lingo yw fy chwaer i."

Translation:Ceri Lingo is my sister.

October 13, 2016



So... why is Ceri Lingo not my brother? Ceri being a boy's name in Wales (before being used as girl's name)


Ceri is a name used by both men and women.


This seems to violate VSO word order, is there a rule for when that happens?


This is because when giving someone's name, occupation or relationship it is usual to emphasise that element in the sentence by putting it at the beginning:

  • Ceri yw hi - She's Ceri
  • Trydanydd yw Sioned - Sioned is an electrician
  • Tad Ceri ydy Gareth - Gareth is Ceri's dad.
  • Gareth sy'n dad Ceri, nid Geraint - It is Gareth who is Ceri's dad, not Geraint

In Welsh, we use use this change of word order for empasis more often than we do in English.

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