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Too confusing

This is too hard and confusing. Can someone PLEASE make it easier too study? Thank you, Chloe.

October 13, 2016



It is super hard, I know! But as one native speaker said, it is logical. It's just not what we're traditionally used to with Indo European language learning. Set tiny reasonable goals and focus on one lesson, one unit, then one tier of the tree and that's it. That's what I've had to do. Reward yourself with something special when you learn one thing. It makes a big difference to learn one word or one sentence well, because it becomes yours! Then start on another lesson, unit, or tier. Others here are going through the same thing. It will get easier. Just be patient with the baby steps. Your memory and ability will grow stronger with time!


Not sure what is implied by "logical"? Hungarian is more "logical" than other languages or that other languages are not "logical", or the course itself is "logical"? I understand what some may refer to when they say "logical", e.g. the relationship between syntax and morphology, but this course is hands down atrocious. Just saying "it is logical" without context or further explanation is ridiculous. I think it is a disservice and disingenuous to 'sell' a course to a struggling user under the guise of work ethic and one's own commitment. This course has absolutely terrible English and the choice of sentences in significant parts of it need serious revision. It has nothing to do with learner's capacity or motivation.

I DO appreciate folks like yourself keeping it positive, I really do, but I don't think the user who is having a hard time with this course has any problems staying positive about learning languages.


The problem is with this particular course, not with the language.


Here is an article describing Hungarian being easy :) http://www.fluentin3months.com/hungarian-is-easy/

As a native speaker I cannot judge, but your frustration is probably caused by the fact that Hungarian is quite different from most of other European languages. Try to read the article and change your mindset, and you might find it a bit easier than.

Unfortunately we have no simple way to change our language so it becomes easier to learn :)


Hungarian is too hard


This isn't a particularly well developed course. That said, once you figure out the rules I recommend staying away from DuoBot's hover assist option, or whatever it is called. While English in this course is absolutely atrocious, it has actually become a lot better in just the last couple of months. For example, due to a lot of us users submitting error reports, a lot of good English has been added to the course as acceptable answers. So, just keep pushing forward, use some outside resources and you will find yourself learning Hungarian much better. Good luck.


Thank you for your advice guys!!! I appreciate it!!!!!

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