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"Họ sẽ xuất bản cuốn sách của mình lúc mười một giờ rưỡi."

Translation:They are going to publish their book at half past eleven.

October 14, 2016



I hear vào lúc but don't see it


Me too, i hear "vào lúc". But i know you can say vào lúc in vietnamese for "at"


This is the first time I've heard a woman's voice in this course. I appreciate the audio update but unfortunately the poor audio quality is difficult to understand clearly.


This audio gave me ptsd it was recorded so poorly :'(


strange to have a southern accent after listening to northern accent so much. it would be good to have some of both but the audio quality here is terrible comparatively speaking


Tui tưởng người ta sẽ phải đọc đúng ngữ pháp "rưỡi" thay vì "dưỡi" chứ :


Từ" mình" và" lúc" nghe không rõ ad ơi.:).


I believe minh can me a variety of things beyond just their also I feel as if 11:30 should count as 11 30


I heard "vào lúc" and you said write what we heard, how can i wrong????


this program forces me to pay 450 gems or restart my progress if I make a small typo yet it makes mistakes like this on the regular. what a joke. I wish I had a legacy account before they implemented the heart system


Yes, it's frustrating to the extreme. It's made worse b/c DL gives you 'incentives' in bonus points when you get everything right in each pass while going through a module, and when you get marked wrong because of a typo when you actually knew the answer, or when your answer is as good or better than theirs but isn't accepted, or when the course is factually WRONG or makes and error in the audio, it's you, not they, who get punished for it.

Or, I might add, they hit you with something never explained, never introduced before, and the drop-down hints are all wrong.


I had difficulty understanding the last two words no matter how many times i played it

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Maybe it's the southern g and r.


Did they redo the audio with the southern vietnamese accent? Even when i see the answer, i can't match the written sentence with the audio.


Kudos for Saigonese pronunciation!


And sudden southern accent.


isn't 'going to' and 'will' in the same context? shouldn't it be used interchangeably?

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