"Ez egy nagyon szép ország."

Translation:This is a very beautiful country.

October 14, 2016



I translated "szép" as "nice" and got this question wrong. Both "beautiful" and "nice" are legitimate translations of "szép," so I don't know why this is wrong.

October 14, 2016


Just report it. This course is still in beta.

February 2, 2017


Also pretty.

November 17, 2016


Nice is "szép" and beautiful is "gyönyörű" it's dumb that they translated beautiful as "szép"

November 9, 2017


Dictionaries don't agree.

Ez a nő szép. - This woman is beautiful/ pretty/ (looks) nice.
Ez a nő csinos. - This woman is pretty.
Ez a nő szépség. - This woman is a beauty.
Noun-adjective relation is reversed.
Ez a nő gyönyörű. - This woman is enchanting.
Ez a nő gyönyörűséges. - This woman is gorgeous.

June 3, 2018
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