"The pretty kindergarten teachers fly from building to building."

Translation:A csinos óvónők épületről épületre repülnek.

October 14, 2016

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Something new :) Following this sentence as model, would these ones be correct/make sense:

"a híres író országról országra utazik"

"a jó művészek színpadról színpadra fellépnek"

köszönöm :)


Good thinking! :)

The first one is perfect. The second one has a little problem. You can not do that with "fellépni". The preverb is probably the main reason. It sounds really weird. But maybe, just maybe, it is okay. But a better version would be:

"... színpadról színpadra járnak fellépni" - they go from stage to stage to perform.

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Thanks. Now that you point it out it does sound better even in English or Spanish, in both of which it would probably be used the way i wrote it but as part of a longer sentence.

járnak fellépni does convey a more precise intention and action.

"fellépni" by the way is such a great verb in Hungarian as it precisely describes the very act of "stepping up" to perform, act, display, render or represent something in front of an audience.

Köszönöm szépen!!!


Nagyon szívesen:)


Shouldn't be gyönyörű accepted here too ?

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