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  5. "Canada er et magisk sted."

"Canada er et magisk sted."

Translation:Canada is a magical place.

October 14, 2016



Are multiple contributors to this course obsessed with Canada?


You might be interested to know that the lyrics to Canada's national anthem are being officially revised again, this time to make them gender-neutral.
This makes us happy. :0)


Can confirm.


Is Canada not spelt with a K in Norwegian - "Kanada"? I have seen both used, but I can never be sure. As I, myself, am Canadian, this is important to me. ;-P


I was originally confused about this too, and I asked a similar question quite a while ago. If I remember correctly, Norwegian names for countries tend to keep a spelling similar to the source language word for the country (sometimes even going so far as to use an endonym- e.g. "Hellas" for Greece), but interestingly, the proper adjectives for the same country acquire a Norwegian-ized spelling. For example: Canada= "Canada" BUT Canadian= "kanadier"/"kanadisk"; Mexico= "Mexico" BUT Mexican= "meksikaner"/"meksikansk"


Jeg er enig med dette.


The truth is -- nordmenn oppdaget Canada. Deal with it! ;-)


Although Leif Erikson was the first European to land on the shores of North America (Newfoundland, Canada), the Indigenous peoples had "discovered" it millennia before. Strictly speaking, it's not a historic discovery when it's someone else's home.


Good point, the ancestors of the Indigenous peoples discovered the land much earlier. How eurocentric of me


What's this fixation with Canada?

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