"The girl's shoes."

Translation:Τα παπούτσια του κοριτσιού.

October 14, 2016

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Is there a site or Duolingo page that contains rules for noun declension? I see words such as σκύλου, κοριτσιού, και γυναίκας that I find confusing. Thanks in advance!


The site you pointed out is a veritable treasure of Greek grammar! Splendid, just splendid. Thanks!


Just flagging that all the hints for this genitive lesson are wrong. I have referred to the hints and have gotten every answer wrong in this section as they are not correct, meaning my answers are wrong and lose hearts. Pretty frustrating!


I have checked the hints for this sentence and it is correct.

Please give a better description of what you found wrong with the hints for this sentence. And any others you find mistakes in.


Thanks jaye16. I use duolingo on my phone and can confirm the hints are incorrect in these lessons. The genitive lessons are the first time words in a sentence are rearranged to be genitive (as opposed to accusative) and the hints do not align with genitive sentences. The hints give literal translations of the words and do not give them in the correct order for the questions being asked. Does that help? Let me know if I can provide better info..


Thank you, that tells us that the correct hints are not being picked up by the app. That, of course, you understand is a technical issue which is not related to this Forum which is for language-related discussions.

Please report it here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us

Thanks for getting back to use with these details.


My wife (a native Greek speaker) explained that the reason it's "tou koritsioù" is because it's "to koristsi" (a neutral noun)--which makes not sense b/c it's a girl, after all!


It's a diminutive from η κόρη, I believe -- and diminutives are often neuter regardless of the gender of the original word.

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