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"Εμείς μείναμε μαζί για πάντα."

Translation:We stayed together forever.

October 14, 2016



Why not ‘We stayed together always.’? Stayed forever does not seem to make sense, as Glossmad pointed out two years ago.


You will also see the replies to Glossmad's comment. That "for always" is not a collocation we use in English whereas the expression "stayed forever" is quite normal.


I was marked wrong for 'we stayed together for always', which is another, correct way of saying 'forever'. Incidentally, it is a rather odd sentence, since 'forever' indicates a lack of termination, and therefore doesn't go with a verb in the past tense.


sounds odd to me too. I wouldn't say this in English.


I have never heard "for always" and I'm a native speaker


are you sure? a quick google search shows several popular songs with 'for always' in the title. im a native speaker and have definitely heard and used it.


Well, I thought I was sure. Songs aren't very reliable as correct gauges of grammar and none of the dictionaries I've tried gives it. But I'll keep trying.


We don't suggest "for always" and as you see when it was put forward by a learner some months ago it was rejected.


I agree. "We will live together forever" is ok but how can you logically state it in the past tense! You must alredy be BEYOND FOREVER in order to state it in past tense. LOL


"We lived together always" isn't accepted. "We always lived together" is. The latter construction is certainly more colloquial. But I think the former construction should also be accepted.


My answer was correct always means forever


I thought I chose the tiles for "We stayed together forever," but the answer was marked wrong. I cannot see what I wrote, so I am sure whether I made a mistake or whether there is an error in the program.


What is the presense form of μειναμε?


μένουμε > μείναμε

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