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  5. "Πήγα στην αστυνομία."

"Πήγα στην αστυνομία."

Translation:I went to the police.

October 14, 2016



I wrote, "I went into the police station", why is this not correct?


    If you go to the police (station), it doesn't mean you enter it. Maybe you just ask for information from the guard outside. ;)


    I know that it's an irregular verb but why πήγα and not έπηγα? The grammar tips say that a verb with one or two syllables needs an extra syllable that is a ε always accented


    As you said: it's irregular :)

    Another one that has only two syllables in the past tense is πήρα "I took", from παίρνω "I take".

    And then there's είδα and είπα from βλέπω and λέω, respectively, and βρήκα and μπήκα from βρίσκω and μπαίνω.

    And ήξερα and ήπια from ξέρω and πίνω have ή- instead of έ-.


    But nearly all past tenses are accented on the third syllable from the end, with an έ- being added if the verb would otherwise have just two.


    Thanks a lot mizinamo Maybe, for us learners, could be useful if, in the tips, is told that the irregular verbs not alwys follow the rule of the three syllables


    Well, there's a list of irregular forms in the tips, which includes πήγα.

    But I'll add a note in the part about one-syllable and two-syllable verbs that some irregular verbs are exceptions. It may take a day or three before the change is visible on the website.

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