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  5. "We are girls and boys."

"We are girls and boys."

Translation:Είμαστε κορίτσια και αγόρια.

October 14, 2016



Can somebody explain why there seems to be more than one word for "we"?


There is only one word for "we": εμείς. The word (Είμαστε) you see above is the verb that you use when the subject is εμείς. So,

  • Eμείς = we
  • Eμείς είμαστε = we are
  • είμαστε = we are

You can drop the "we" in Greek even though you can't do that in English.


why can't I say τα κοριτσια"? In a different place it was explained that in Greek they add definite articles more often then in English?


+1 they count as a mistake. Sounds like after to be you can use nouns without articles. But it shouldn't be a mistake


They count τα κορίτσια


I answered: " Είμαστε κορίτσια κι αγόρια", but the system says me there is a typo in "κι". This contraction is not valid in this phrase?


It is. I've added that as an alternative.

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