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How does Russian conjugation work? I know there are 2 types, what does that mean? Is it like for example: I eat, I etee, you eat, you eatil. Or is it like "I eat, you eat" but then "I fight, you fightel", (those aren't real words, I'm just asking as an example). Can anyone help clear up the conjugation, what does it mean 2 types? Also, is there 2 types for present, past and future tense?

1 year ago

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There are two types of verbs which build present and past tenses using different set of endings. You may look here for more information: http://www.study-languages-online.com/russian-present-tense.html

In Russian there are only three tenses as we don't distinguish between simple, continious and perfect tense, but the language (as other Slavic languages too) uses pefective and imperfective aspects of the verb, which can be compared in some points to perfect tense in English, but it is not the same.
More about perfective aspect:

1 year ago