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"A magyar családok ebben a szállodában alszanak."

Translation:The Hungarian families sleep in this hotel.

October 14, 2016



how can we say 'the hungarian families in this hotel are sleeping' in hungarian?


You could play around with the emphasis, rearrange the word order, or add a couple of more words to the sentence.

If you use emphasis only, you stress "alszanak".

If you rearrange the sentence, you can do something like this:
"Alszanak a magyar családok ebben a szállodában."

And you can add a single word, that expresses the present, the "right at this moment" sense:

"A magyar családok ebben a szállodában éppen alszanak."

Or you can add a present participle, "living", which would also make it clear. It also requires a little rearranging of the sentence:

"Az ebben a szállodában lakó magyar családok (éppen) alszanak." - The Hungarian families living in this hotel are sleeping.

Or another way, with a sub clause:

"A magyar családok, akik ebben a szállodában laknak, alszanak." - The Hungarian families, who live in this hotel, are sleeping.


"Ebben a szállodában a magyar családok alszanak."


It would be roughly the same as the avobe sentence.


In Hungarian I have seen that people sometimes use The families or the cats or the guests etc when they mean families or cats or guests in general. There was a sentance earlier on about monkeys and pigs being intelligent animals for example which used "A majmok és a disznók", so could this sentance also be read as "Hungarian families sleep in this hotel"?


That's a good point tedguerrier; best to ask a native speaker.


The duolingo boys should make up their minds whether it’s Hungarian families or the Hungarian families. It truly varies from sentence to sentence without much rhyme or apparent reason. Where’s the learning when confusion is created?


Poor quality audio here. She sounds sleepy!!


Sounds like they recorded it while she was in the toilet (bathroom for you Americans). I guess they were pressed for time.

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