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"Мій друг подорожував з братом."

Translation:My friend traveled with his brother.

October 14, 2016


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suppose i am talking talking about my friend thomas traveling with the brother of my friend anna, to the effect that i am saying "my friend traveled with her (anna's) brother". how might i state that in ukrainian i am wondering?


"Мій друг подорожував з її братом."


You are mix up here. Мій друг is a male friend and іі is her. For іі it would have to say Моя подруга


If it is мій друг the friend would be male so your її should be ного I think


An example (наприклад): A telephone conversation (телефонну розмову) Mama: Привіт! P8C: Привіт, мама! Ти знаєш моя подруга Анна? Мама: Так. P8C: Мій друг Tomac подожував з її братом.

Is this something like what you were wondering?


My friend was travelling with his brother - does that work, or does it require a different form of подорожував?


Ukrainian usually doesn't make any difference between simple and continuous tenses (unless you need to emphasize the duration of the action somehow, then a participle may be used, but in modern Ukrainian present participles are so rare, that most times if you use it it will be considered a mistake; usually other means kick in, e. g. time-specifying adverbs and other descriptive phrases).


How is it HIS brother?


I believe this is the default comprehension. The sentence mentions my friend ("мій друг"), performing an action of traveling ("подорожував") with someone referred to as "brother" ("з братом"). This produces an ambiguity whether the "brother" is a speaker's brother or a friend's one. In Russian (my native language) and (I believe) in Ukrainian as well, the default comprehension is to relate "brother" to sentence's subject ("мій друг") and not the speaker. For the latter case you are likely to get an explicit clarification: "мій друг подорожував з моїм братом", or even a sentence that describes both friend and brother as "my" people, as in "мої брат з другом подорожували"


and what about свой in Russian. Could it be used in this sentence the equivalent in Ukranian?


I put my friend traveled with a brother, and was marked wrong if they wanted his brother shouldn't it be з його братом


My friend travelled with brother.

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