"Мій друг подорожував з братом."

Translation:My friend traveled with his brother.

October 14, 2016



My friend was travelling with his brother - does that work, or does it require a different form of подорожував?

October 18, 2016


Ukrainian usually doesn't make any difference between simple and continuous tenses (unless you need to emphasize the duration of the action somehow, then a participle may be used, but in modern Ukrainian present participles are so rare, that most times if you use it it will be considered a mistake; usually other means kick in, e. g. time-specifying adverbs and other descriptive phrases).

November 2, 2016

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suppose i am talking talking about my friend thomas traveling with the brother of my friend anna, to the effect that i am saying "my friend traveled with her (anna's) brother". how might i state that in ukrainian i am wondering?

October 14, 2016


"Мій друг подорожував з її братом."

October 15, 2016


You are mix up here. Мій друг is a male friend and іі is her. For іі it would have to say Моя подруга

February 2, 2019


An example (наприклад): A telephone conversation (телефонну розмову) Mama: Привіт! P8C: Привіт, мама! Ти знаєш моя подруга Анна? Мама: Так. P8C: Мій друг Tomac подожував з її братом.

Is this something like what you were wondering?

February 19, 2019


How is it HIS brother?

January 23, 2019
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