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Lessons of Spanish

"The kid"--"Él niño" This is wrong! I know spanish, I'm from Argentina, it's my mother thong, and "El" doesn't go with a tilt, please check this! Is wrong! The only time we use "Él" (with a tilt) is when we are refering to the person in particular. For example: "This is for him"--> "Esto es para él". "Are you talking about him?"---> ¿Estás hablando de él? Oposite situation: "What happened to him?" ---> "¿Qué le paso (a el)?

February 8, 2013



Can I ask where you saw this? It is not correct and should be fixed.


You are correct. This is a mistake, probably a simple error, not the result of a conspiracy. You may be arguing your point a bit strongly, but you are from Argentina! :) I spent a month in Cordoba two summers ago, by the way. And Spanish is your mother tongue, not thong!!

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