"Mae ffrog briodas Alys yn brydferth."

Translation:Alys's wedding dress is beautiful.

October 14, 2016

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English should be Alys' and not Alys's

  • 1835

both are acceptable: it's also common style to use apostrophe-s for words that already end in an S, especially with personal names such as Alys. though this can be wildly dependent on historical/local tastes (eg. it's St James's Park in London but St James' Park in Newcastle), and no-one recommends using it when you wouldn't pronouce the additional s ("Jeff Bridges' role in the Big Lebowski").

and of course it is never the case with plural nouns ending with s ("the girls' classroom")

see eg. the Chicago Manual of Style (the first question), or Oxford Dictionaries for the view from back home.


If both are acceptable, Duolingo should accept both, but it doesn't.


That is correct, although I suspect it is one of those rules that many people ignore


Would wedding gown be an acceptable translation?


Is it briodas because ffrog is a feminine noun?


Is there a difference in Welsh between frock and dress as in English or do ffrog and gwisg have the same meaning ? If D.L. used both words then we would be able to see for ourselves.

  • 1835

i think "gwisg" means dress in the more general sense of clothing/garment (eg. "gwisg ysgol" school uniform; "gwisg nofio" swimsuit), rather than the specific item of clothing?


Ligne. Thank you I see what you mean. Then how would a soldier be described who is wearing his ‘dress uniform’ ? If gwisg means uniform, wear, clothing, attire, etc then perhaps gwisg priodas wouldn’t be wrong. However, I completely understand that Ffrog priodas has now been accepted as the translation.

  • 1835

my hunch is that "gwisg priodas" would mean wedding clothes more generally: clothing you would wear to get married?




From pryd +‎ berth.


prydferth (feminine singular *prydferth*, plural prydferthion, equative prydferthed, comparative prydferthach, superlative prydferthaf)

  1. beautiful, handsome



Welsh mutation
radical | soft | nasal | aspirate
prydferth | brydferth | mhrydferth | phrydferth

Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not everypossible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

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