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"Mae ffrog briodas Alys yn brydferth."

Translation:Alys's wedding dress is beautiful.

October 14, 2016





From pryd +‎ berth.


prydferth (feminine singular *prydferth*, plural prydferthion, equative prydferthed, comparative prydferthach, superlative prydferthaf)

  1. beautiful, handsome



Welsh mutation
radical | soft | nasal | aspirate
prydferth | brydferth | mhrydferth | phrydferth

Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not everypossible mutated form of every word actually occurs.


Is it briodas because ffrog is a feminine noun?


English should be Alys' and not Alys's

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both are acceptable: it's also common style to use apostrophe-s for words that already end in an S, especially with personal names such as Alys. though this can be wildly dependent on historical/local tastes (eg. it's St James's Park in London but St James' Park in Newcastle), and no-one recommends using it when you wouldn't pronouce the additional s ("Jeff Bridges' role in the Big Lebowski").

and of course it is never the case with plural nouns ending with s ("the girls' classroom")

see eg. the Chicago Manual of Style (the first question), or Oxford Dictionaries for the view from back home.


Is there a difference in Welsh between frock and dress as in English or do ffrog and gwisg have the same meaning ? If D.L. used both words then we would be able to see for ourselves.

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i think "gwisg" means dress in the more general sense of clothing/garment (eg. "gwisg ysgol" school uniform; "gwisg nofio" swimsuit), rather than the specific item of clothing?


Ligne. Thank you I see what you mean. Then how would a soldier be described who is wearing his ‘dress uniform’ ? If gwisg means uniform, wear, clothing, attire, etc then perhaps gwisg priodas wouldn’t be wrong. However, I completely understand that Ffrog priodas has now been accepted as the translation.

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