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  5. "Yo bebo, tú bebes, él bebe."

"Yo bebo, bebes, él bebe."

Translation:I drink, you drink, he drinks.

October 14, 2016

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I type in I drink, you drink, he drinks. but they say I got it wrong and give me the correct translation which happens to be what I just said.


What is the difference between bebos, bebe, and bebes? How do you know if its drink drink or drinks


Yo bebo
Tú bebes
Vos bebés
Usted bebe
Él bebe
Ella bebe
Nosotros bebemos
Nosotras bebemos
Vosotros bebéis
Vosotras bebéis
Ustedes beben
Ellos beben
Ellas beben


Why are you pronouncing b as v?


The "v" pronousation for "b" is difficult i get it wrong


Is the pronunciation of Yo (jo) different in other spanish speaking countries?


As a matter of fact, yes. You'll see different pronunciations of different sounds (and sometimes completely different words, so make sure you know what you're saying, but that's a rant for another time) as you go country to country.

For example, Spain says "z" and "c" with a lisp.

Carribean countries say their "r"s as an "l" (hamburguesas => hambulguesas - it's a real tongue twister sometimes).

Mexico pronounces "y" and "ll" with a lil' "j" sound (as do several other countries).

Venezuelans replace every "s" with a small sigh.

Argentinians pronounce their Spanish like they're speaking Italian.

These are just a few examples, so the easiest thing to do is try to focus on one pronunciation (The most popular and most understood are Mexican, Colombian, and Spanish). Nobody will judge you in a different country if you speak with a strong accent.


How would you say " the drink"?


The drink = La bebida

He drinks = Él bebe/toma


How does one know if it is "drinks" or "drink"?


If the verb word is "bebe" and there is no pronoun "usted", then "drinks".
Other cases "drink".


El bebe = also the baby ?

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