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"Do you want to work in Antarctica?"

Translation:Các bạn có muốn làm việc ở châu Nam Cực không?

October 14, 2016



Why is this "có muốn" and not just "muốn" for "want" here?


Subject + "có" + statement + "không"? is the Yes/no question structure in Vietnamese. Without the word "có" the sentence becomes grammatically incorrect (which happened quite often in daily conversation, sadly). The word "có" here doesn't emphasize the statement!


It kinda works like "do/does/did" in English in this situation.

Tôi muốn = I want

Tôi có muốn = I do want


No its just a question form


Yes but it functions similarly to "do" or "have" in English in this case.

Bạn có từng ăn cái này chưa? = Have you ever eaten this?

Có = I have.

Bạn có nghe nhạc Hàn Quốc không? = Do you listen to Korean music?

Có = I do.


Why do we use 'các bạn' instead of 'bạn?'


the speaker is talking to several people (=you guys) . but there's actually no reason for either of them be marked wrong in such translation that has no context: you can be both singular and plural.


I see. I thought it was weird because it was difficult to tell without context.


Vùng nam cực có gì khác biệt với châu nam cực? cảm ơn các bạn giải thích cho :)


Châu Nam Cực nằm ở vùng Nam cực :v


Still don't understand why this is the plural you. It's ok when they go from Vietnamese to English - you can clearly see the Các bạn - but when they go from English to Vietnamese, how are we to know they mean ALL OF YOU or just you?


both "bạn" and "các bạn" are accepted.


In Vietnam we say Nam Cực. No need for "Châu Nam Cực"


It feels like duolingo is inconsistent with when to use trong vs o


I am not sur how inconsistent Duo is, but trong is not appropriate here. you use it when you explicitly mean inside.


One of the mobile exercises had a "dơi" for có here. What is the heck with that??


??? indeed, what the heck... if you can provide a link, that'll be appreciated. otherwise, there's nothing much I can do.

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