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Several of my students have reported losing all of their progress

I have several classrooms set up and my students have weekly assignments from me in those classrooms. For the most part this is going very well. I'm easily able to see if they completed the assignment or not. I have recommended this to other foreign language educators. There have been a couple of problems. One, several students have reported to me that all of their progress just disappeared. In one case I looked in my classroom and I could see how many assignments she had completed, plus I had a printed weekly report with her most recent progress. However, in the other case he hadn't done any activity in several weeks so he hadn't shown up in the activity reports and it showed no completed assignments either. I have no way to verify that he is telling me the truth. Since several students have had this same complaint I am wondering if in fact it happens and what I can do? I don't know if they are losing their log in info and are accidentally creating new accounts but don't know it.

October 14, 2016



I have seen this problem described a few times, but it only happens to students who have had an assignment set for them. I am skeptical.

You'll be able to see the activity on the accounts that are in your classroom. If they have created new accounts, you won't be able to verify that.

I think the only way around this is to insist that it is their responsibility to check that they are using the accounts you have given them, and that any activity they do on other accounts doesn't count towards their assignments. If any of your students claim to have done work which somehow hasn't shown up, get them to come in at a lunchtime to check that it's working. I suspect that the problem will then go away quite quickly :)


Please send a specific username and assignment details (including what devices they are using) to teachers@duolingo.com. We cannot respond to all the emails but if you are specific about the issue and what you think should be happening, we can check what is happening. This should not be happening on our end, unless they are using the wrong account (ask them to log in and show you their account with their progress on their device, and make sure it is the same account that is in your Duolingo classroom).


Your tips helped. I got together with them. They both had had their chrome books worked on which erased their cookies. They created new accounts instead of logging back in because they had forgotten their original log in info. I got them logged back in to their original account. Thanks much!

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