"Are you at the stadium Saturday?"

Translation:Sei allo stadio sabato?

February 8, 2013

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"Are you at the stadium Saturday" The sentence doesn't make much sense in both English and Italian. :S


Couldn't one use the verb "stare' here instead? "Stai allo stadio...?"


I thought the more temporary "stai" would be more appropriate than the more permanent "sei". Is that incorrect?


Also, how about "Sei tu nello stadio di sabato"? Would this be correct?


"Sei tu" has a meaning of "Is that you... ?" due to the fact that Latin languages use pronouns for emphasis and don't put the verb before the pronoun when making a question.

"nello" means "in the", nor "at the", though congrats on spotting it was a "lo", I always miss them. "at the" is more general, it could be outside as well as inside the stadium

"lo stadio di sabato" could be literally translated as "the stadium of Saturday" or "Saturday's stadium" implying that there is a different stadium for some of the other days of the week :P


Per gli Europei? Haha

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