"Nem az ügyvédet keresik, hanem a bírót."

Translation:They are not looking for the lawyer, but the judge.

October 14, 2016

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is keresik for singular and plural?


They are doing it. "Ők keresik." It does not indicate how many objects they are looking for. That would be very interesting if a verb could do that.
"Keresik" is third person plural definite conjugation.


And what is the singular?



Here is the full set:

Indefinite - Definite:

Én: "keresek" - "keresem"
Te: "keresel" - "keresed"
Ő: "keres" - "keresi"
Mi: "keresünk" - "keressük"
Ti: "kerestek" - "keresitek"
Ők: "keresnek" - "keresik"

Note how all the plurals end in a "-k". That does not mean though that some of the singulars do not!


Thanks! I actually remembered the form I was asking about right at the moment, when I clicked send, but the whole conjugation is very useful.

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