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  5. "She is also a beauty."

"She is also a beauty."

Translation:C'est aussi une beauté.

February 8, 2013



But I still think "elle est" should absolutely be accepted. It's not WRONG.


Agree, but this is a "feature" of French. Personally, I fail to see how it contributes anything to the language other than confusion: http://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/cest-versus-il-elle-est


"Elle est" and "Il est" turns into "C'est" before a definite article (un, une, le, la...). So it truly is "C'est aussi une beauté".


But 'une' is an indefinite article.


It is clear from the example that joshuavass cites that he had in mind indefinite as well as definite articles.

Would you rather spend your time learning French, or wordsmithing the other learners?


Before either a definite or indefinite article. (The examples you cite are indefinite, not definite).

In any case, to my mind, it is not the presence of the article itself, but rather the presence of the noun that follows, that triggers "ce" rather than "il".


One day I'll get this right :-(. Elle est aussi une beauté is unfortunately my usual response when it comes round again.


Elle est aussi belle?

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