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  5. "Ένα γεύμα και ένα πιάτο"

"Ένα γεύμα και ένα πιάτο"

Translation:A meal and a plate

October 14, 2016



Your attention please!
The pronunciation of the new "male" TTS voice is incorrect. I reported it.

  1. I hear the sound of δ in the pronunciation of γεύμα before the μ, but I don't see a δ.

  2. A lesson preceding listed φαγητό as meal or food, but offered only food as the translation in a sentence. Now this γεύμα appears as meal. Is φαγητό preferable to say food and γεύμα for meal?

  3. There seem to be a lot of new words this lesson cycle compared to other languages I'm studying.

  1. It's a /v/ ευ is pronounced either as /ev/ or /ef/, depending on the following letter.
  2. Φαγητό means only food. It's a mistake to translate it as γεύμα. I'll look for it and correct it if it is translated as such in some lessons.


So, γεύμα means "meal", "lunch" or "dinner"? Does it mean all of those words?

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