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  5. "Give me a plate, please."

"Give me a plate, please."

Translation:Дайте, будь ласка, тарілку.

October 14, 2016



Why can't we put дай?


"Дай, будь ласка, тарілку" is an accepted answer.


So "Дай тарілку, будь ласка" is not possible because of the word order?


I don't know about the app. But in real world, the order doesn't matter. You can say whatever order you want, the meaning of that sentence doesn't change.


The problem here is that not specified who are we talking to. If you are talking to a stranger or an older one, and asking them to do something for you. It is better to ask that in formal way like 'Дайте'. If you ask the same, a peer or a person that younger than you, you can do that in informal way like 'Дай'.


Is there any reason for 'Мені' being where it is?


There is no мені in this sentence, on my Duolingo exercise. It is implied. Unless otherwise specified, "дайте" automatically means "дайте мені."

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