"Yes, I had lunch yesterday."

Translation:Do, ges i ginio ddoe.

October 14, 2016



How is this different to saying "Dw i wedi cinio ddoe?"

October 14, 2016


That doesn't make sense - '* I am after lunch yesterday'. This is the correct form of that pattern:

  • Dw i wedi cael cinio ddoe - I have had lunch yesterday',

That is very awkward in both Welsh and English, though. The perfect tense with have/has and wedi is the wrong past tense to use in that situation. Both languages need us to use the simple past:

  • I had lunch yesterday.

Welsh has a couple ways of saying that:

  • Ges i ginio ddoe - very simple, and the usual choice.
  • Gwnes i gael cinio ddoe - correct, but a liittle clunky since the ges i... form is so simple anyway.

The simple past form using Gwnes i... etc is more common with regular verbs rather than with the irregular mynd, dod and cael.

October 15, 2016


Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. I really appreciate it.

October 15, 2016
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