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  5. "Αυτό είναι το γλυκό μου."

"Αυτό είναι το γλυκό μου."

Translation:This is my sweet.

October 15, 2016



It's hard to hear this speaker because they don't enunciate


This sentence doesn't make sense in Aussie Αγγλικά - sweet is an adjective, sweets is the noun. 'These are my sweets', or 'this is my dessert' is the correct translation. Confusing with the word picker


Although Duo teaches US English we make every effort to include all other versions. For this sentence we have...This is my sweet. This is my candy. This is my dessert. This is my lolly. (the last one suggested by another Aussie).

If there is anything else you can see that we need to add please let us know.

However, when it comes to which words are presented to pick from it's the computer algorithm that determines the selection.


Well, I'm a US-English native speaker, and I have to admit Alex has a point. This is my dessert. These are my sweets. (plural noun). Sweet is the adjective.

To me, "this is my sweet" would be a way of introducing the love of my life, not a reference to food. At the very least, the singular noun has this as an additional use.

However, I tend to use language rather precisely. That's becoming increasingly uncommon in the US.


The main translation here for American usage (which we teach on Duo) should be "This is my dessert." However, since we also try to cater to other forms of English somehow "sweet" was entered and we do not want to confuse the many learners who have already seen it by chnaging it in mid stream. That will be done in the new tree under construction. We do also accept as correct: sweet/candy/dessert/pudding/lolly the latter for Australia.
Thanks for your comments and keep them coming.


Can this also be used as a term of endearment, as in English?


yes, but in vocative when reffering to someone. So, γλυκέ μου=my dear (men), γλυκιά μου=my dear (women)




Yep, it is correct (native speaker here).


Why is υ pronounced like a v sometimes?


Why does the quiz ask for translations we have not yet dealt with in the lessons? This way it is impossible to give the correct answer to the questions, unless you would consult a dictionary. Not very stimulating ...


The quizzes are designed to see how much of the target language you already know, not how much you've learned so far. Therefore, there may be exercises from skills you haven't done.

That way you can decide how rapidly or slowly you want to proceed.


Suggested help for improvement on audio: When you click on the word γλυκό alone, the slow audio says: vil-ko. Maybe the audio on this needs to be corrected on this, or maybe I have misunderstood.


So αυτό is like just saying this is my candy and αυτός is like differentiating between mine and someone else's candy? Like no, THIS is my candy. Is that right?


"Αυτός" is like "αυτό", but for males or masculine (grammatical gender) objects.


Yeah, sweet is not the word I'd use here. It's strictly an adjective to me. That's why the 'my' threw me.


You could also have used : [candy/dessert/lolly/pudding]. If you have another word please let us know.

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