"Đây một chương trình trực tuyến cho mọi người."

Translation:This is an online program for everybody.

October 15, 2016


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Duo going meta?

October 15, 2016


This chapter on communication should be way earlier in the Vietnamese course. I had to talk about being online, passwords, text messages, etc the first day i arrived in Vietnam. I have yet to discuss rhinocersoses with anyone.

January 13, 2017


One day in Vietnam I heard this loud rumbling coming down Dien Bien Phu street and what did I see but a herd of rhinos. Ha, ha, just kidding. Thought of the movie Rhinoceros where everyone was turning into rhinos.

But seriously now. Just the opposite for me. Although I could have used this, I used rhinos a couple of times. One day walking back from Le Van Tam Park in District One, I saw a wall mural of a rhino with a caption "Save the Rhinos". Back at home, I was asked what I did that morning and among other things, I described the rhino mural and message.

Another day I asked if anyone in the group I was with knew what happened to the last known rhino in Vietnam that went missing a few years ago. Then there are rhinos in the Saigon Zoo

Speaking of that park, I could have used Latin. All the trees had signs with their scientific names in Vietnamese and Latin.

May 19, 2019
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