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"Girls are sitting in this car, and boys are sitting in that one."

Translation:Ebben az autóban lányok ülnek, abban meg fiúk.

October 15, 2016



"Lányok ebben az autóban ülnek, fiúk meg abban." Is this word order any sort of correct?


I tried the same answer, only using "pedig" rather than "meg". I also wouldn't have thought the definite article was called for, as it is hardly a general statement.


Ebben az autóban lányok ülnek, meg abban fiúk got me burned THREE TIMES!. How do we know where to even put the meg/pedig conjunction?

And there's no way I could have reproduced this in the last set (set four). I get the same sentence, and not a clue.

My answer the second time around: A lányok ebben az autó ülnek, a fiúk pedig abban.

PLEASE rewrite this section!!!!!!!


Yes. It's good. But i would add a definite article before the nouns "a lányok" and "a fiúk".


Thanks. But since the English sentence doesn't include articles, it still couldn't be counted as a correct answer. No report this time, then ;)


I don't understand why, using the same word order, replacing "meg" with "pedig" doesn't work. Or is this a "can't enter all possibilities" situation?


Try flagging it next time a "My answer should have been accepted". I went with "pedig" 5 months back.


Proč ne Lányok ebben az autóban ülnek, fiúk meg abban?

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