"The cooks here are not Mexican, but Spanish."

Translation:A szakácsok itt nem mexikóiak, hanem spanyolok.

October 15, 2016

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Thank you both. Throw out a line and you can help drag me through this course. Not that you don't have far better things to do.


We're all learning here, believe me! I enjoy the questions in the forums a lot - they're where I learn the most.


Can someone help me with the plural here? I think I would understand this sentence if I knew how to say, "Mexicans are Mexican" in Hungarian. Perhaps I'm missing the plural because we are talking about "cooks", therefore cooks are Mexicans and Spaniards. If I sound confused, it's because I am.


There's no distinction between the adjective and the noun. And when the adjective is playing a "predicate nominative" role - the 'Y" in an "X is Y" or "X are Y" type sentence - it pluralizes just like a noun would in the same position.

So "Mexicans are Mexican" would be A mexikóiak mexikóiak


Mexican - Mexikói

Mexicans/Mexican people - Mexikóiak

Spanish - Spanyol

Spanish people - Spanyolok


Why cannot the sentence begin with "itt?"


It can begin with Itt. Itt a szakácsok nem mexikóiak, hanem spanyolok.


Then I must have spelled something incorrectly. Thanks!

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