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"Will you open the window now, please?"

Translation:Wnewch chi agor y ffenestr nawr, os gwelwch chi'n dda?

October 15, 2016



“Wnewch chi agor y ffenestr rŵan, os gwelwch yn dda?” was marked a correct solution in multiple choice. Isn’t there a chi missing in os gwelwch chi’n dda? Or can you omit that in this phrase?


Os gwelwch yn dda is very common, the chi being omitted from it as a set phrase.

It is also common for pronouns to be dropped in more formal Welsh, too. You will notice that if you look on some written news items and in the narrative text of many articles and novels. We do not do it routinely on this course, though, which covers a middle of the road Welsh, neither formal nor very informal/slang.


Have I gone wrong somewhere with Agori di'r ffenestr nawr, plîs??


You would not use the short-form simple future like that to ask someone to do something for you. The pattern given, using the ti/chi future of gwneud plus a verb-noun, is the one to use. See the examples in the course notes.


Wnewch chi agor y ffenest rwan plis Marked wrong. Any idea why?


Circumflex accents needed in rŵan and plîs.

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