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  5. "Η μοίρα μας είναι σημαντική."

"Η μοίρα μας είναι σημαντική."

Translation:Our fate is important.

October 15, 2016



"Destiny" alternative?


destiny is πεπρωμένο. It is not exactly the same.


Thanks Theo, in English destiny is a synonym for fate, Oxford Dictionary, 1.1[mass noun]The hidden power believed to control future events; fate. ‘he believed in destiny’. It would be interesting to know the difference in sense between η μοίρα and το πεπωμένο.


Yes, the meaning of these two is very similar and I have added destiny as an accepted answer, but it is not exactly the same.

Fate: it's out of your control. Destiny: it's what you are meant to do. Destiny has slightly more positive connotations. You'd more usually say "he was fated to die in that accident" but "she was destined for greatness", but it is sometimes heard the other way around. Very similar words!

Source: quora.com


Are you discussing English or Greek? What I understand from Babiniotis μοίρα and πεπρωμένο are the same. Μοίρα is the μερίδιο (share, from this comes the geom. signif. degree) the 3 Mοίρες give to the newborn child. Nothing can change it, not even the gods.

Πεπρωμένο is from the ancient πέπρωται/ determined by the fate/ μοίρα. Also the saying "το πεπρωμένον φυγείν αδύνατον" / one cannot escape from the fate


Thank you so much for this explanation. I was wondering about the connection of fate and degree. It seems weird and quite fascinating. Maybe the German term "Bestimmung" is helpful here as it meets both meanings as well.


Fate (unlike destiny) cannot be changed.

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