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"Το ντους είναι στην τουαλέτα."

Translation:The shower is in the bathroom.

October 15, 2016



I'm going to make an educate guess here and assume "toilet" means the room, not the specific porcelain fixture within the room. Otherwise, ew.


You're right! I added bathroom in the basic sentence :)


I think it was already an accepted alternative, and in all honesty it's sort of a difference of dialects, but considering my own English dialect it created a fascinating image :-P


In English for something to be "in the toilet" idiomatically means it is ruined. Αnd it is not a nice way to say it. I read this sentence to my friend and he immediatly laughed. It also conjures images of showering while standing in a toilet.) Now, it is possible to say "toilet" in English and be understood to mean washroom, so I wouldn't question that that is also the case in Greek, where it may be common usage. But when I search "ντουαλέτα" images I see only toilets, not bathrooms, in the results. I think Duo ought to use the word "μπάνιο" here instead of "τουαλέτα".


This wording is very common in Greek.


why its not μεςα ςτην;


I think "washroom" might be used in some parts of the US.


As well as Canada.


It will be added, but we've already had some disagreements with learners who wanted to have their suggestion/variation added. There will always be someone left unsatisfied, but that's the nature of Duolingo. Once again, we'd like to point out the importance of learning the Greek vocabulary, independently of how many different translations exist for each word in the English-speaking world, so we have to be stricter when it comes to adding English alternatives.


Of course - I actually wasn't complaining about the lack of possible translations in this case, just adding to the general discussion. I agree with you 100%, we should be focused on the Greek. I find myself getting caught up at times with these discussions about English, whose regional variant is more correct, etc.

In any case I really appreciate all the work that goes into these courses; thanks so much!

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