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  5. "Nagyszerűek vagytok, fiúk!"

"Nagyszerűek vagytok, fiúk!"

Translation:You are great, boys!

October 15, 2016



You boys are great should also be accepted here. It is a more natural English construction.


It uses a different grammar, though, so I'm sceptical.
"Ti fiúk nagyszerűek vagytok."

[deactivated user]

    közönséges írásjelek


    Please someone tell me that nagyszerűek breaks down to something other than "big-like" or, as it might be, "bigly"...

    I don't know if I can use that word if I think I'm translating Donald Trump every time I do it!


    Sorry to disappoint you here. :´)
    Nagy - big; szerű - kind of, like. It's a construction a couple of languages use. "Groß-artig" in German, "stor-artat" in Swedish, or the Latin-based "grand-iose".

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