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Améliorer mon anglais


Cela fait une semaine que je suis inscrite sur Duolingo et j'aimerai bien discuter avec des personnes en anglais pour améliorer mon anglais ! SI vous êtes intéresser, faites moi signe :D

February 14, 2014

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Sure, I'm interested. I speak English and I want to practice my French, so we can swap. How are you?


I'm fine and you? :) With pleasure :)


I am doing well, I'm getting read to go to work. I am very excited, my work schedule is switching and I won't have to work weekends any more! What about you, what do you do or what do you like to do?


I live in Amiens, France and I am bachelor in sociology. I would like to work in the human resources department of the big society. And you?


I live in Austin, Texas and I graduated with my bachelor's in psychology. I would like to go back to school and get my master's degree in public health. Right now I work with cancer patients. What do you like about studying sociology?

Also, in English we would typically call it a "big company" rather than a "big society". You're doing really well so far though, keep it up!


To study the sociology allows to have a bigger open-mindedness and be even more autonomous thanks to the inquiries that we make alone. Moreover, on Monday, I leave one week with my class in Le Tréport in order to realize a survey of sociology. With my friends, we are going to study the tourism there.

Do you know the city Le tréport, in France? It's a seaside city. The problem is that it rains all the time as Amiens. I don't love the rain.

So if you don't have a lot of news of me, do not worry ;)


yeeeeees moi aussi j'en veux.....can you help me please


hi i'm interested me okay?


ok partant pour parler


c est moi que tu cherche

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