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Being a pioneer

I was almost finished "Nidos de espinacas con feta y huevo poché" when it closed down on it's own. A god thing since I was beginning to think being a pioneer was not to my advantage. I was the first to translate this document and being rated against computer translations is insulting (it looks wrong) and I was not learning much.

June 16, 2012



The computer usually translates very poorly. My advice is to translate the the sentences in the way that make the most sense in English and that maintain the author's tone and phrasing as best as possible. You may wind up with some translations being in the low teens, but as more people translate the same passages, your rating will go up, and you will start to receive plenty of upvotes.

Don't let the robot discourage you. The point of this website is to put an end to the robot translations. : )


Some of the best answers were very literal sounding translations. In translation you have to get the original idea across but in a way that sounds natural to a native speaker. Usually when I reveal the "best answers" I am left with a feeling of "Are you kidding me? Any machine translator could have done that"

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