"The young Australian artists are walking by the sea in big hats."

Translation:A fiatal ausztrál művésznők nagy kalapokban sétálnak a tengernél.

October 15, 2016

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So men can't be artists... OK! ("művészek" was not accepted - Reported)


Why kalapok, instead of just kalap? In many other similar sentences from the clothes section, the piece of clothing was used in its singular form.


Hm, right. Unless each of them is wearing multiple hats (TF2?), kalapban should be used.


Word order cant be the same as the English? Sometimes its "wrong" when i change the order to something more appropriate in Hungarian, so i never know what to do.


Word order cannot be exactly like in English, but we can get close.

A fiatal ausztrál művészek sétálnak a tengernél nagy kalapban.

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