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  5. "A focistának jó cipője van."

"A focistának cipője van."

Translation:The football player has good shoes.

October 15, 2016



This course is a weird mix of American English and British English. In Hungary, you follow the sidewalk (US) to the cinema (UK) to see a movie (US). People that deliver mail are postmen (UK), trains stop at a train station (US), and that sport where you kick around a black and white ball is called football. (UK)

And before you stop me to say that only Americans call it "soccer"...


Not 'footballer'?


Your not alone, Australia also calls it soccer.


What? Soccer not accepted?


he'd be better advised to wear boots


At first I tought the poor guy only has one good shoe since cipö is singular. But then I remembered that at the 3rd person, the possessed object drops its plural mark... Or am i missing something ?


Hungarian often uses the unmodified singular to express two (or even more). So in this sentence, jó cipője van is most commonly translated as ‘has good shoes’. If you want to specify that it's one shoe, you can say egy jó cipője van.

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