"Is it a market what Kati has?"

Translation:Piaca van Katinak?

October 15, 2016

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This is a bit weird as sentences go - not least of which because "what" should be "that" - but weirdness aside, before I run out of sentences in this lesson, I'd just like to say: this unit (To Have 2) has been very pleasantly straightforward. I didn't quite get the point of reteaching us a bunch of nouns that we've been using a lot anyway, but still, the translations were almost always high-quality and the sentences were simple and logical. I say we need more units like this! Good job course creators! :)


On the weirdness factor: the Hungarian sentence is equally weird, but at least it is not incorrect.


While it's had good questions to help us out, it's fairly inconsistent with the accepted answers. However that's easy to push past, the lessons still are great!

But yeah, I'm pretty sure 'what' would be incorrect, I think 'that' or maybe 'which' would be better.


Yes, 'that', but not 'which'.

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