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"I saw a fashionable sweater in a store."

Translation:Я бачила модний светр у магазині.

October 15, 2016



Why can't you say "в крамниці" or "в склепі", instead of "в маґазині" for 'in the stote'??? They are all proper words for 'store'.

[deactivated user]

    «В крамниці» should definitely be accepted. Please use the Report button next time you get this sentence.

    «В склепі» means something very different in literary Ukrainian: it's either a place for keeping coffins with dead bodies ('crypt, sepulchre, burial-vault'), or a 'warehouse'. The meaning 'shop' is dialectal and not generally used in literary Ukrainian. Please refer to the dictionary for more info: http://sum.in.ua/s/sklep


    Yes, "склеп" as "крамниця" is a Polish influence in Western-Ukrainian dialect. And even in Lviv I don't hear it often, though most people would understand you if you used it (but not all - younger generation that wasn't growing up watching Polish cartoons tends to understand Polish much worse, even the words that were long used here in Ukrainian).

    I also wonder where and when the warehouse sense was usually used. It's either obsolete or regional - I surely wouldn't understand a person if they used it in that meaning.

    The first meaning people think of when they hear "склеп" is an underground burial vault. So it's better to use it carefully.

    And "крамниця" may be even better to use for "store", because it most often is used for a small or a specialized shop, and "магазин" is for "shop" in general, big or small, specialized or not.


    Why are both бачив and бачила accepted?


    бачив is masculine and бачила is feminine.


    In Ukrainian verbs in the past tense, singular change according to the gender of the subject. Not so in the present and future tenses, where verbs change according to the person, not gender.

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    So, is світер a russianism? Because it wasn't accepted for me.

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