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  5. "Το μήλο και ο ανανάς."

"Το μήλο και ο ανανάς."

Translation:The apple and the pineapple.

October 16, 2016



This was one time I was not grateful for my Spanish fluency (I wanted and and selected y)


Ananas is a tipe of pineapple here in Brazil. Lol


How are people doing these without a greek keyboard? I can do this fine on my phone, but am a bit stumped about the desktop version? x


It's possible to install a Greek keyboard on a desktop computer as well; https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17706271 has some links.

That doesn't change your keycaps, but the layout is similar enough for most letters that you can either get used to it fairly quickly, or you can mod your keyboard with a marker or stickers to add the Greek letters as a reminder.


You can check out this discussion here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17706271

(Please make sure to always check the Discussion section of the course. This is a topic we get a lot of reports for, although there is almost a gazillion of comments and discussions that include all the links. ^.^)

Happy learning! ^.^


This is interesing, in spanish "pineapple" is "ananás"


En España la palabra más frecuente para "pineapple" es "piña".


Also in Hebrew: אננס

Wonder if potatoes are "earth apples" in Greek as well. I see that pop up in several languages.


Wonder if potatoes are "earth apples" in Greek as well.

In "bookish" language, yes, they can be γεώμηλο "earth-apple".

But in everyday language, we use the loan-word πατάτα.


is the pronunciation a little slurred to anyone else? is that just how Greek sentences flow? (I mean, I get it - someone trying to learn beginning English would probably be baffled by anything coming out of my mouth.)


Why is 'το' used for apple and 'o' for pineapple? Arent all fruits neutral alementa?


Arent all fruits neutral alementa?

No. Grammatical gender is essentially arbitrary.


In hindi too pineapple is called ananas अनानास


The audio for slow mode says "omikron" instead of just "o"

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